Information for Dentists

Procedures that Dr. Nair DOES PERFORM:
  • IV Sedation and Oral Sedation
  • Wisdom Teeth, Extractions & Socket Preservation/Augmentation
  • Gingival and Periodontal Surgery
  • Dental Implant and related procedures

Dr. Nair does not charge a consultation for initial consults related to Extraction or Wisdom Teeth Extractions. However, he does charge a consultation fee for Gingival/Periodontal Surgery and Dental Implant related procedures. Most insurance plans are also accepted and patients on Ministry Plan receive a 50% discount on IV sedation. If you are a referring dentist or a dentist considering referring a patient and have questions or you have a dental emergency or an extraction that you cannot complete please Dr. Nair at 778 990 6247.

Procedures that Dr. Nair DOES NOT PERFORM:
  • General restorative dentistry (except for a small group of existing patients)
  • General restorative dentistry under sedation (except for a small group of existing patients)
  • Sedation on patients who are ASA III or above or who have conditions that make airway maintenance.
  • Patients who will not voluntarily permit IV access
  • Patients who have a history of bisphosphonate use
  • IV sedation of children 12 or younger
  • Mentorship for wisdom teeth extractions
  • Mentorship for extractions and socket preservation/augmentation
  • Mentorship for dental implant surgery and restoration

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Dr. Nair would like to acknowledge and thank all his past professors and current colleagues whom have shared their knowledge and from he has learnt so much:

  • Dr. Lloyd Baum (late prof. LLU)
  • Dr. Phillip Boyne (late prof. LLU)
  • Dr. Leslie Arnett (prof. LLU)
  • Dr. John Whittaker (prof. LLU)
  • Dr. Mac Ojano (prof. LLU)
  • Dr. Edward P. Allen (Periodontist)
  • Dr. Anil S.K. (OMFS, India)